How are you doing?

Pleased to meet you!
My name is Solus Zelt. Let me tell you about myself.

Kakusei walking

Solus Zelt is a pseudonym, a name I use online. You may also know me by other names. That is because each persona character represents me in some way or another. Solus represents me fully, while my dragon persona represents my art side. Hence each character has their own 'specific' trait they represent.
Soon after I adopted the names I designed online personas to fit those names. You can read more about them later under my Characters list once I have completed that.
However, while Solus Zelt is more directly my representation, my dragon persona is more linked to my artwork. Just as much as that Solus Zelt is a representation of myself and isn't just a name to me, so goes the same for my 'dragon-side'.
These online personifications are me. All things I design, create, come up with are things I thought of. Everything I would have thought of would come from my mind. My mind is me and I am my mind. Therefor all things I imagine are a part of me to some degree. Since Solus Zelt, the name and persona, are just myself represented online, it is me, they are me.
Think about it: You can do what you do -whether it is because you have to or want to- thanks to your brain, and your brain houses your mind.
Creating things, coming up with worlds and thoroughly thought-out backstories for characters is essential to me. I cannot not-draw.
So that's me in a nutshell. I could come up with personality-traits, but that can differ from person to person. What I can say from my own experience with myself and others to give you an idea: I am a very reliable and loyal person. Others describe me also as being very kind and helpful. Not afraid to speak my mind and get straight to the point.
The artwork is my way of communicating and showing you a glimpse of my mind, my imagination, and my personality. In other words: Please take a look at my artwork if you want to know more about me. Look at and read about my characters to get to know me better.

I have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil, or so I have been told.
I have always liked to draw. It's a way for me to express my imagination. The worlds and creatures I come up with I just have to get on paper or on a screen.
I am a self-taught artist. Most things I have learned has been through practise and experimentation, followed by a few select courses. One is never done learning, and that exact motto is something I stand by firm when it comes to creating art. Whenever I draw, write or experiment with other mediums, I always learn something new. Often I will actually challenge myself with each drawing, each commission I get, giving myself different smaller objectives to complete when creating the final image.

Boxed Ventus

Why did I choose a dragon as a creature to represent myself as an artist? Well...
Online you can be anything, so I chose to be a dragon. Dragons to me represent -or even embody- the whole concept of fantasy and imagination. There is a huge variety of types of dragons, you can create mixtures of dragons with other creatures, and to me dragons can be designed for any situation and it wouldn't be too crazy! You can do basically anything with the design of dragons and it will still be a dragon, still imaginative.
My dragon persona is a dragon which has fur instead of scales and also has some rabbit-like traits. All of this and more my characters you can read later in the Characters tab, so be sure to check that out too once it has launched! :)