Welcome to my website!

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Solus Zelt.
I am a traditional and digital artist.

One of my favourite things to do in this regards is to design and draw characters with each their own backstory. It thrills me when someone commissions me to draw or design their character, as it is not only something I love to do, it also gives me the chance to help someone else with their dreams.

Furthermore I also posess skills in HTML, CSS, JS and PHP language programming.
This entire website I made by myself and I have also made websites for others.

There is almost nothing I cannot do! If there is anything you would like, feel free to ask me and I will happily give you a quote ;)
With all things I do I try to make sure the customer is left happy and satisfied. Moreover leaving you feeling like I helped you accomplish your dream, at the very least helped you in the right direction.
That way you're happy and I'm left with a happy customer ;D

Feel free to click the tabs above to investiage the rest of my site.
I take commissions and donations, so be sure to drop me a message if you're interested. Thank you!